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Breed Specific Legislation

booth 1Statement – BSL should be of interest to all people as it is another blatant attack on our autonomy. The importance of our rights cannot be overstated. We tend to impulsively associate rights with frivolous interests rather than our rights being the only representation that we have to affect our existence. Our ability to affect government behavior through a democratic process is undermined by rampant dishonesty among opportunistic politicians. The media, documentaries and private investigative programs, once a reliable source of  information from which we could base our decisions regarding government, health and economy, is now inundated with yellow journalism. When we hand over our rights, we forfeit our only remaining ability to govern and protect the lives of ourselves and our loved ones.

Dog booth 2Law which would address individual accountability, is effective, targets the root cause, is fair, and protects the public, however, a functional judicial system would demand resources from government squandering such as the 2010 Olympics, spin doctors, routine bonuses, payoffs, cosmetics, inflated incomes, etc. Although ineffective and often harmful to the public, there are great political advantages to automated legislation (banning). It creates a public perception in which the issue appears to be addressed, while costing relatively little, consequently, appealing to government peers.

Meanwhile the public is inflicted with overwhelming disadvantages. Blanket legislation liberates criminals, who flaunt their disregard for law and always have an option of something worse than that which has been banned. The prospect of easy popularity votes fuel the targeting of responsible gun owners. Ranchers, field workers and out skirt residents risk injury and death from increasing attacks by rogue wildlife in obedience of absurd government regulations. Side note - Contrary to the political ploy of preservationists, most wildlife attacks occur in areas where no natural habitat crowding or destruction has occurred. Meanwhile innocents are being randomly executed at the hands of armed criminals in public streets throughout the Fraser Valley.

Dog booth 3Special interest topics such as BSL allows us to understand just how severely flawed and biased our media has become and how heavily we rely on it for factual information. Try taking any controversial subject in which you have expertise and follow media reports, or ask an expert on a controversial topic, about their opinion on media reporting. From the issues of war and environment to peek oil, global warming and public safety, we have been deceived, misled and denied access to accurate information on every level. Dangerous laws are being passed based on media accounts alone. BSL is the spawn of a public perception engineered and fueled by incompetent journalism. 

BSL threatens public safety and dog welfare. This subject warrants special attention due to the severity of damaging effects it has on people. This legislation enacts the banning of an element of our society which makes insurmountable contributions to the well being of human lives.

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         a) provides a scapegoat with which authorities can pretend to address a public safety issue while avoiding the effort and expense of targeting the human cause of dog offences.
         b) although harmful to the public, provides a quick and inexpensive route to acquiring political popularity votes.
         c) sells papers



         a) Sends the clear message being that some dog behaviors cannot be managed safely, consequently, little or no obligation placed on dog owners to pursue education and training (the #1 cause of dog attacks).
         b) Promotes the breeding and cross breeding of newer and larger dogs. It is of no consequence for many disreputable individuals to discard targeted breeds by whatever means, in favor of something new and most assuredly more intimidating. Unscrupulous dog owners are well aware of what the expert authoritative bodies have repeatedly warned, “all dogs can be bred and/or trained to be vicious”.
         c) Redirects legislative efforts from addressing the behaviors of owners to targeting a myth.  
         d) Demonstrates the unlimited power that we have given government to dictate our lives. Overriding authorities in select fields of expertise in order to implement arbitrary rule, which risks public safety, is well illustrated in proceedings involved in the passing of “Pit bull” bans.
         e) Legislates a productive, law abiding element of our society into second class citizens. Innocent people with safe dogs are being physically and verbally assaulted.
         f) Sets a precedent by which opportunistic politicians can whimsically pass dangerous bills to gain popularity at the polls. Neither expertise nor science is required to establish rule. The current system protects government from accountability for the consequences of arbitrary laws.
         g) Questions the credibility of a judicial system which intentionally activates prejudicial oppression on innocent people
         h) Eliminates a valuable gene pool. Numerous breeds encompassed in the legal definition of dangerous breeds possess a gene which determines a superior temperament with regard to humans.
Side note: Responsible breeders are prevented from breeding to enhance this quality while breeding out any abnormal aggressive tendencies. In areas where BSL has been enacted, good breeders are obstructed from contributing to a safer society in this way
         i) Directly threatens the existence of all dogs, regardless of breed or in effect, appearance. Until someone in government develops the character to honor expert’s warnings that the subject of dog attacks is not a breed issue, more and more breeds will continue to be included in the list of banned breeds until dog ownership, like fast cars, fast food and plastic bags,  is banned all together.
         j) Forces the systematic removal of invaluable canine assets which, enhance, service and save thousands of human lives. Blanket targeting of dogs to be outlawed and slaughtered, involve safe human companions, service dogs, therapy dogs and life savers.   




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