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Dog Walking

Currently offering a quality dog walking service

For Dog walking services in Mission, for those days when you can’t meet your dog’s needs,contact ;

SANDRA CAPPDT DLCC   604 – 826 – 8807
   professional dog trainer, dog legislation PR and dog writer

Walking rates are $25.00 per hour + $10 for additional dogs per household and include a free consult. Walks include basic maintenance training, which involves maintaining leash etiquette, attentiveness, travel mode etc.


for problem dogs; training through
can be provided during walks.

Training rate is $50.00 per hour. Rate is reduced  over a period of time to the regular walking rate. For example, initial training walks are set at $50.00, follow up training walks at $40.00 to regular maintenance/practice walks at 25.00. Reduction varies according to the behavior, the degree of the behavior, frequency of sessions and owner’s upkeep of training.

Average number of sessions required for;

        basic leash manners(excessive pulling, lagging etc)
        1-2 Initial – 1  follow up – regular walks,

        3- 4 initial – 3 follow up – regular walks,

        Fears or fixations
        1-2 Initial – 1  follow up – regular walks.



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