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The CDM rescue program does not limit itself to cases of abuse and abandonment. This program assists those in need of placement due to a wide variety of circumstances other than for the purpose of profit. Cases may include rescues being sheltered and/or rehabilitated by CDM, contacts with fosters, owners in need or simply dogs looking for homes.

 CDM rescue cases

New owners of CDM rescues, require *Adherence to CDM Responsible dog ownership code of ethics. Services provided during this animals stay at CDM, include, but are not limited to, assessment, training and attention to physical and mental health. Fee is adjusted according to factors which include duration of stay, rehabilitation requirements, adoptability, and treatment required.

 Dogs through contacts

Dogs through contacts are posted here by CDM to provide exposure for dogs in need. Dogs through contacts are not managed by CDM. All transactions related to dogs in this category are the responsibility of the agent and prospective owner.


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