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 Mission statement re Rottweilers

Rottweiler 1Although I prioritize people, my passion is dogs and Rottweilers have been my breed of choice since 1985. With a special interest and background in science, I recognize the health concerns associated with purebred dogs. Recommended viewing ‘Pedigree Dogs Exposed’.

It is my mission to contribute health and temperament to the Rottweiler breed. Although the claim is frequently made, “I am an “ethical/reputable breeder”, quality breeders, truly prioritizing health and temperament are rare, consequently, I have the utmost admiration for those wonderful breeders who are diligent in contributing to the healthiest gene pool in their breed of choice .

Rottweiler 2Litters

Occasionally we have litters resulting from a waiting list. Dogs known to be genetically associated with major health defects will not be bred period, regardless of conformation “correctness”.

Major health defects can be discovered or surface later in life, demonstrating the importance of long term monitoring of lineage. We have 8 year old females which have only had 2 litters in their life. Having so few litters allows us to monitor the health of prodigy and relatives well into maturity. Longevity is the common theme in our lines. Clients typically remain in contact for the long term and several have endured long wait lists to acquire subsequent puppies.


Rottweiler 3I believe Rottweilers to be among the healthiest of the purebred dogs along with being among the most instinctually intact. There may be a genetic connection between instincts and physiological integrity. It is possible that the Rottweilers may have better tolerated the purebred industry with less genetic defects partially due to the standard. The dimensions required for showing and breeding, in the past, have been closer anatomically to the functional physique of wild canidae, which also, very likely, is genetically linked to visceral status. Unfortunately many breed standards evolve with trends which are digressing from functional conformation.

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