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booth 2Introduction This link provides only a few samples of published pieces and one of many acknowledged letters which are representative of our ongoing aggressive writing campaign to educate both the public and government authorities on the issue of dog management. This effort dating back to 2003 involves communications on various levels, from letters to the editor and published editorial response pieces to correspondence with various mayors and councils to attorney generals.




A Positive Note :
With regard to #10, editors took it upon themselves to circulate this response piece to sister publications throughout the Fraser Valley. The piece ran in papers, to which it was not submitted, suggesting that there was an effort on the part of some media sources, to circulate information besides the typical propaganda.



1) editorial – ‘Dog owners must use common sense’
1a) clarification – ‘re Dog owners must…’

2) news report – ‘Police dog drags boy down street’
2a) clarification – ‘re Police dog attack’

3) news report - Dangerous Dogs Shot
3a) clarification – ‘re Dangerous dogs’ (Mission dogs shot)

4) column – ‘Dog owners need to be leashed’
4a) clarification‘Don’t get swept away by dog distractions’

5) Reports appearing in local and major papers across the valley report on Canada Post’s concern over the rise in dog attacks on mailmen. This is the sarcastic response 
answering to the concern. – ‘Dog attacks, just your imagination

6) Short piece – ‘Beloved pets killed by cats’
7) Article – ‘Lobbying for tough vicious-dog bylaws’
7a)Clarification – ‘lobbying for revenge’

8) Addressing media – ‘Targeting breeds costs lives’  
9) Letter to Mayor – to Dianne Watts re ‘Dangerous Dogs’
*****10)  Editorial appearing in multiple papers – ‘Time to put a
provincial muzzle on it’
10a)Response piece widely circulated – ‘re Time to put a
provincial muzzle on it’.

11) News report – ‘Family pit bull savages three-year-old…’
11a)Clarification – ‘Target dysfunctional owners’


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